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The 4X Light team is passionate about adventure, and luminating that adventure. 4X Light is a STEDI Lights & Accessory supplier, situated in Cape Town, South Africa. We offer a wide range of LED lighting in the 4×4 and Off-road All-Terrain industry.

If anything, we are Adventurers

– Francois (founder)

4X Light is an off-road LED adventure company with a wide range of 4×4 & All-terrain Off-Road LED lights and accessories from the Australian market.

There’s a saying in Mountaineering that when you climb down the mountain, you’re still climbing the mountain.

Adventure is in our blood.

With frequent African trips and home-based exploring from the Tankwa Karoo and throughout the Northern Cape, the need to continue with adventure when night falls was a huge priority for us. I remember one night my wife and I were stuck in the Tankwa, needing to turn around due to bad planning and head back home. The darkness of the Karoo was overwhelming.

There’s something inside of you that awakens when the only visible area you can focus on was the little spot of light from your vehicle driving down a dirt road, a road people refer to as “tire killer”. It was from this adventure that the need for serious off-road lights became a necessity. 

It was from this that 4X LIGHT was born.

4X Light has partnered with the Australian company, STEDI. With design, manufacturing, and R&D in Australian conditions, you’re sure that these products will last!

We are a dedicated, passionate team. But if anything, we are adventurers. We understand that adventure does not need to end when darkness falls. Our wide range of top-quality Australian made 4×4 & All-terrain lighting products fills the gap perfectly between function, reliability, and price. 

Choose to be inspired, and adventure will find you.

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We provide top-quality Australian made 4×4 & All-terrain lighting products which fills the gap perfectly between function, reliability, and price. 

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